Adding Kathy Orta's hidden hinge to her Envelope Mini album

 I have been toying with the idea of adding Kathy Orta's hidden hinge system to her envelope mini pages.When I got some encouragement from her fans on her Facebook page I decided to make a little tutorial to show you what I came up with. 
I by no means take credit for designing the Hidden Hinge system or the Envelope mini album.

 I took some pictures to show you what I have figured out. It will work but I think using heavier card stock won't help really. It may add a bit of strength but it makes the pages stiff and harder to turn. That might be because the page needs to be "worn in" by folding along the score lines. I would recommend just backing the hinge with Tyvek like Kathy has been suggesting in all of her latest tutorials. It is light weight and very strong, and unless you hand your album over to a child I think the book will hold up under normal use. 
Hinge on the left and the front of the 1st envelope

Envelope 1 flap

In between the first two envelope flaps, you can see the hinge but this is where you will 
              attach your album page so it won't be seen

Envelope 2 flap

the front of envelope 2 and the rest of the hidden hinge.

As you can see it is very simple to modify. I used smaller envelopes for this experiment but as Kathy has said any size will work you just need to adjust your measurements. I would recommend that you make the hinge the same size as your envelope, since the envelopes are added one at a time you don't need to have it narrower to slip your pages on to like in other styles of albums! I hope this was helpful.
If you like what you see, please leave a comment or suggestions, I would love to heat what you think!
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Blessings, Andrea