I have been waiting for the end of July so I can start planning my house for the fall. I love decorating my house in all the fall colors. I start dragging all of my fall decor tubs out of the loft in the garage on September 1st. It's is just as much fun for me as it is work.
I recently saw a post on a blog that I bet some of you have seen or heard of. It is a coffee filter flower wreath. This is what I am going to start out with. I have been itching to get out my craft supplies and make some things to decorate my home.  Jones Design Company blog is just filled with beautiful photos and great tutorials on how to make each one. There are about 20 things that caught my eye right away. Things that are so simple to make but look just beautiful when finished. I want my home to be beautiful. I want it to bless my family and visitors when they are invited over. I have been trying to keep up with
The Flylady and all of her great tips for keeping your house chores done and your home clutter free. I know how good it feels to come home and there is actually space on the counter to put the groceries or to open the drawer and find the shirt I want to wear. The way her system works is so simple, I just need to be more consistent in doing them. I am a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive). I have problems with trying to perfect something so I spend way too much time on one thing and by the time I feel like I can move on, I'm tired. She says Routines routines routines!!! Do a little bit everyday and it won't pile up on you. Set a timer and spend 15 minutes un-cluttering a hot spot i.e. coffee tables, kitchen counter, etc. you will be amazed at what you can get accomplished in 15 concentrated minutes. I highly recommend visiting her site if you are not already familiar with her! Well, I am off to bed, I waited way too long to get this post finished. I will be back and hope to share some things that I have been up to!

Blessings, Andrea