No more excuses

Hey there all you crafty people! I am so sorry for the lack of blog posts lately! I have been with out my laptop for quite a while. My charger has been not working and I lost part of my other charger somewhere... never to be found again! We do have a desktop computer in my home but it is in hubby's office and is off limits to the kids so getting them entertained so I can come in here without them can be a challenge. My youngest is napping and the older two are playing Angry Birds.

My oldest has started Kindergarten and with that has brought on some changes and challenges. For those of you who don't already know, my son B is autistic. He is high functioning for the most part but that doesn't save us from having struggles most parents don't have to deal with. He, like all kids, has good and bad days and I try to take each day and count it as a blessing. Especially when it's over and they are all sleeping in their beds! LOL!!!
His teacher and a few other staff members from the school are still in the process of working out a plan that will best suit his learning style so we all aren't pulling our hair out. It is a slow process but one that I think needs to be so that we can truly evaluate each situation and problem and find the best solution. So crafting and pursuing leisurely activities has been put on the back burner for the most part.
I was working on that beautiful Blossom Song album and I don't know if it was me being careless or what but I kept getting ink smudges on it and misglueing things. So it's been sitting on my shelf in my craft room mocking me as I keep finding myself discouraged to work on anything for fear of making a mess out of another project. My mom came over the other day and I showed it to her and she lovingly complimented me on it and thought it was beautiful (Thanks mom!). The video is yellow and I need to work on my lighting in my craft room, I had no idea it looked that bad but I just wanted to give you an idea on what it looked like.
So I will find time to write. I will make it a priority to get on here and at least share what has been going on and not leave you in the dark. I hope you are having a fantastic October and I look forward to catching you up more this week!

Blessings, Andrea