Christmas cards

So I just realized that Christmas is two weeks away! I haven't even come close to making all the cards I need to yet and get them out in the mail on time! I am hoping to get some time this week to finish things up, next Friday is my hubby's birthday and he and some friends are going skiing. I need a whole day all to myself to get things all ready for everything. We are hosting Christmas this year for hubby's family and it's going to be so much fun! He has a gift certificate to Honey Baked Hams so we will be getting a couple hams and other goodies. I need to make some fudge, get the presents finalized and purchased, find all the recipes for the traditional foods I grew up eating. 
Oslo Kringle and Julekake are my two favorites. I will see about making Pfeffernusse, I have never made that so if I have to I will let that one go... I will post the recipes my mother has been using for years and the one for Pfeffernusse that has not been made in years. We can usually find those German cookies at Cost Plus before Thanksgiving or the German deli down the road from my folks house in Portland.
Here are the cards that I have completed so far, I would love to do a tutorial for each one of these it would take me forever and a day so just let me know which one is your favorite and I'll see which one gets the most requests!

Have a great day!