New Camera!

So I don't know if you had or hadn't noticed but I haven't actually posted a project or something that I have made in quite a while. The camera that I had been using is on my iPhone and one of my kids took it outside and it got wet.... and now it no longer works. My phone still works, I can text, call and  play Candy Crush... everything else works except my camera. And for being a camera on a phone it worked very well! So I was sad to see that it no longer worked. 
I've been saving my pennies since February to pay for Stampin' Up!'s annual Convention and for my demo order for the 2014-2015 annual catalog, so I am fortunate enough to have the money to get a new one. I haven't purchased a camera since my oldest was a baby, so over 7 years ago! It was a Canon but the model I bought was large and bulky and after a while I became tired of taking it with me.  My mom has the same one and loves it. I guess I prefer something a bit more purse frienly... I have other things to stick in there too! Eventually the lense stopped working and it is now stuck in the extended position. I've tried replacing the batteries and that didn't help. Not sure that it is worth fixing as it would cost the same or more than to just get a new one...
My sister Alyssa is a professional photographer and I knew she would be able to help me make a good decision. She loves Canon and suggested looking at their Powershot line. I found one that is reasonably priced and it even comes in a beautiful blue.... that isn't the only reason I'm getting it... But it is definitely a nice plus!
I decided to get an SD card just for the camera. It seems like I buy them but can never find them when I need one! I am also getting a great little case for it, to help keep it protected and to keep the LCD screen from getting scratched while it's banging around in my purse. I am so excited to be able to share my products again with you! The camera should arrive on Wednesday, I love Amazon Prime! It's such a pain to wait more than two days for anything now, LOL!!! 
So with any luck I'll be posting things on Thursday! I don't know why I waited so long. I really do miss sharing with you all! 

*The links I have used from Amazon are not affiliate links, I just thought I would share what and where I am buying my camera and accessories!

Happy Stamping,