So so sorry for not having posted anything for an entire month! I have rough drafts of my other weeks of Christmas series half done. Life get's crazy and sometimes I have to take off my creative hat and put on my nurse and maid hat... and it stays there, for weeks sometimes. My kids were sick all last week and one of my kids is sick today and yesterday. I really hope he goes back to school and I can get back to normal... what ever that is right!?!

I did have a few hours where I was able to make some fun cards. Blogging and taking their photos takes a bit more time than I had though.
These cards have a lot of little details and I really like how they turned out!

I have decided instead of doing 12 weeks that I will do 25 days and post when I can. Probably Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Or a combination of the three. I have some really fantastic projects I can't wait to share with you. With any luck I'll have some video tutorials too.

Here are the deals of the week! I know I'll be stocking up on that gorgeous Cheveron Ribbon, it's a dream to work with and makes a great finishing touch to any package!!!

Happy Stamping,