Boy Blue - Baby Blanket

I started knitting this for my husband's niece who was having a baby, three years ago... I ended up making her a quilt. Which she really didn't seem to appreciate but that is another matter entirely! 

I have enjoyed knitting on this, it's relatively mindless so it's a good pattern for the car, tv or when you are visiting with friends, you can still knit and be a part of the conversation. There is a simple cable on the sides and the body of it is a garter stitch rib. super simple, but. it. is. taking. forever... This is an older photo and I have more done on it than this. It's been a while since I've work on it... My plan is to keep working on it and gift it to a friend who is currently pregnant and is due December/January. Plenty of time to finish it. 

My Ravely link for this project is here