WIP's accountability

As a lot of you know I dabble in quite a few different craft spheres. I've been knitting the longest but along the way I picked up paper crafting,  I'm probably best known for that, quilting and English Paper Piecing or EPP.

Last year around this time I caught the Spinning bug. I started with a spindle and some alpaca roving I purchased at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival a few years ago, right after we purchased our own Suri alpacas.
Elizabeth Bennet and I last Summer
Since then we also purchased two French Angora rabbits Anne and Gilbert. I have a desire to get sheep too but that will have to wait until we have enough pasture to keep them... someday!
My spinning wheel,
a Kromski Minstrel

Last Christmas hubby bought me a Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel. I've been collecting different types of wool and fleeces, some raw and unprocessed and some that are ready to spin. Mother's day is almost here and hubby and the boys are gifting me a blending board and some hand cards... I have enough "things" but the list goes on and on...

As I look around my room I see I have a lot of things that I've started but not completed. Many knitting projects, a few mini albums and organization projects that have been put on the back, way way back burner. I have this compulsion to cast on a new project and find myself easily tired of working on the same thing. What I say is a compulsion is really a lack of discipline on my part. I've been listening to a couple podcast/vloggers on YouTube AndreSueKnits and Knitting Expat Podcast, both have blogs and are on Ravelry. They have each mentioned being a monogamous knitter, meaning they generally only have one project on the needles. I probably have 8, all being done very slowly and without enthusiasm. Not that they never have more than one going, I think they actually both agreed seperately that having three going at once is the most they would usually have.
Screen shot of my WIP's on Ravelry

That got me thinking. I love the feeling of having a project completed, hours, days and weeks worth of work finally done.

So I have decided that my projects that I have OTN (On The Needles) either need to be completed or head to the frog pond. I will be making up blog posts on all my WIP's, whether or not I will finish or if they will be ripped out. I'm hoping this will keep me motivated to finish all my projects and be able to share new projects I'm debating on starting... 

WIP = Work In Progress
OTN = On The Needles
Frog = Rip out work to fix mistakes or to save the yarn to use on another project.
Frog Pond = Pile of projects you are going to rip back all the yarn to use on something else. 
Blending Board = Board with special cloth on it that you can use to make rolags for spinning. 
Rolag = Tube of fiber for wollen spinning. Made on hand cards, drum carder or a blending board.