Benefits of using lawnmower

The first and perhaps most important benefit of using a high quality lawnmower in your garden is that there is no power cord to cope with. This is a big benefit if you have a very large garden or if you have inaccessible corners far away from the mains power supply the last thing you want when you are mowing is hundreds of yards of extension cable snaking along the grass whilst you are trying to get the grass cut. This means that not only is it safer as there is no risk of accident by cutting the cord during mowing but also that your mower can be used anywhere in the garden without having to worry whether you can get the cable to reach!

Petrol Lawnmowers vs Gas Powered Lawnmowers

The second benefit of using a petrol lawnmower is that generally, they are a lot more powerful than electric mowers, they are more reliable, durable and they are the machine of choice for professional gardeners and gardening services providers all over the world. The motors are very powerful and are usually started with a pull cord. Another great benefit with the modern petrol lawnmowers is that you can now get models that start with an ignition key, just like the family car so you do not need a lot of strength to be able to crank up your mower using the pull cord, just fill it up, switch it on, and away you go! In some places, like in the US, these petrol mowers are called ‘gas’ or ‘gas-powered’ mowers but they run on fuel nonetheless, usually a mixture of gasoline or petrol and oil.

The third benefit of petrol lawnmowers is the number of top quality brands available across all three main types of lawn mower, rotary mowers, cylinder or reel mowers (as they are sometimes called), and ride on lawn mowers or riding mowers. Rotary mowers are either the wheeled kind or the hover kind. If the ground is a bit rough and uneven in places in your garden, the rotary and hover mowers can cope well with all of this and provide a good quality of cut and both of these are very suitable for a family garden where the grass is not cut too short because it is a recreational area for the children and other members of the family.

The benefit of the ride on lawn mowers is that they make mowing a large lawn, a breeze! You can sit down to get the job done and any garden with around a half an acre or more is ideal for mowing with a ride on mower. If you have a smaller garden but find mowing physically quite difficult and would like to sit down to mow your grass, you can get a compact ride on mower to do the job. If the lawn is very large or you have a paddock or similar, you can get a ride on lawn tractor.

mowing with lawn mower

Choosing right lawn mowers in UK

The cylinder or reel mowers are mowers for showpiece lawns where you want to get a perfect, short cut that looks immaculate. The benefit of the petrol lawnmowers in this category is that they are powerful enough to have a heavy roller behind them that gives a perfect, striped result like a tennis court on your lawn at home.

The fourth benefit of petrol lawnmowers is the great accessories you can buy to go with them nowadays. There are large capacity grass boxes which mean that you do not have to stop mowing very often to empty them. Some ride-on mowers are equipped with boxes that can be emptied with a flick of the switch, whilst you are still sitting in the seat. There are models with mulching attachments that enable you to mulch or feed your lawn each time you mow by spraying back finely cut grass onto the lawn you have cut. There are even some mowers, specially adapted to enable you to do some grass collecting and some mulching at the same time.

To sum up the benefits of petrol lawnmowers, the four points that I have detailed are that they are powerful, there is no need to worry about the electric cord, there are a large number of models available by top manufacturers in all three types of mower and there are great attachments to make mowing your lawn even easier. Take a look at the individual types mentioned here by checking out the article for a petrol rotary mower, a petrol cylinder mower or a ride on mower.

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