Stepping Off the Scale

Well…it finally happened. The dreaded plateau. The moment when the scale decides to stop moving south. I’m there.

I have noticed it for at least 2-3 weeks but kept living in denial. I didn’t want to believe it but when that scale kept moving within the same 2-4 pounds, I had to eventually accept my weight loss efforts had come to a halt.

As a result of this annoying yet eye-opening revelation I’ve decided to step off the scale for a week or two and let my body do its thing while my mind works on a new strategy. I’m a wee bit discouraged but I refuse to give up. And I can look at non-scale successes that tell me that pesky scale is kind of a liar.

Case in Point #1

Every shirt I wear on a regular basis (I swear I rotate the same 5-6 shirts every week) is looser. It’s hanging in a way that looks sloppy and messy. Granted I am no fashion diva but when I start to look like I pulled something old and baggy out of the hamper it’s time to work on updating the wardrobe.

Case in Point #2

Even my underwear is looser and fits better (What? TMI? Shaddap). Jury is still out on whether the tata holder is fitting better. I know I need a new bra since the one I wear daily is losing shape and giving me torpedo tatas (now there’s a visual for ya!). Until the skivvies start falling off I’ll refrain from buying new underwear.

Case in Point #3

I finally had to drop a size in my favorite capri workout pants. Take that evil scale! My larger sized pair of pants still fit comfortably but if I were to go out and walk/attempt to jog I’d probably end up giving drivers and fellow walkers an unwanted eyeful. Yea, no bueno.

I should also note my eating habits have kind of sucked as of late as well. A good example is avoiding breakfast or having a small lunch that consists of watermelon and a slice of cheese.

I’ve also noticed my calorie intake has been a bit low. As in, barely 1,200 calories a day low. I feel like I’m nibbling a lot but the calories, fat, protein, and carbs say otherwise.  Must be all that dang watermelon I nosh.

One thing is for certain: The weight will NOT return. I have no interest in eating the foods that got me this way and the new habit of watching portion sizes and making smarter choices has stuck (okay, I indulge a little bit but overall I do well). I can handle a few pounds but there is no way in hell I’ll be hanging out with the 240s, 250s, 260s, and 270s ever again.

For those who are also working on weight loss have you hit a plateau or even more than one? What did you do to get past it?

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